Apr 9, 2009

i have a serious drinking problem

NO no no that's not what I mean.
I break glasses ... of all kinds!
Juice glasses, pint glasses, tumblers, wine glasses.
I'm beginning to think I've been cursed.
Anyway my glass collection is in a sad state.... here a some good additions or alternatives.

I'd be heart broken if I broke these - vintage tumblers from Etsy seller PinkRawk
These summer tumblers are so Golden Girls that I kind of love them.
Target - $16.99 for four ... hey that's how many Golden Girls there were.
This 8 pc. tumbler set from Target is mighty fancy ... and acrylic. I kind of like the flare. $21.99 for 8
Yeah for plastic! $1.99 FOR 6 cups! - at Ikea.
I can't break them, they bright and 'perty, and they're cheap. Looks like I found some great outdoor summer glasses.
These are from Target - A virtual rainbow of handy-dandy melamine beverage tumblers for $25. Sweet.
These little juice glasses [which make great wine glasses too] are only $1.99 at Cost Plus World Market. aaawwwwweeee they're so cute and would hold my pinot grigo just fine.Glassblower and Etsy salesman NickPaul has these awesome tumblers that were once beer bottles. I have an allergy to beer ... with these I can at least fit in with the BBQ in crowd!

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