Jan 31, 2008

SHOP SALE at Creative Thursday

I STRONGLY suggest you hop on over to Creative Thursday and pick up some prints. She is having a buy two get one free event TODAY ONLY. I've been a fan of her work for awhile but finally picked up some pieces with an extra at no charge.


Got this little guy and two others in a bear theme. There are so many great prints it was difficult to chose.

Jan 30, 2008

you're driftwood floating underwater .. ..

I love to pick up the driftwood along Lake Superior's shoreline every spring.
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I am day dreaming of driftwood on a chilly day today .. and also anxiously awaiting the announcement that Brangelina is preggers.

Jan 29, 2008

i wanna make these

It's a brown off everybody

One of my favorite bloggers, Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely has an online shop called Pink Loves Brown. That got me thinking .. pink does love brown .. and so does blue. Let's have a brown off =]
might be a tie .. but wait .. doesn't pale yellow really love brown too? Or how about summertime green ... sigh. I fear we will never know where brown's love lies.

Jan 28, 2008

01/28/2008 - Rosemary

For Rosemary ... a caring woman who passed away peacefully last night

Jan 25, 2008

get your goat

When I get my little plot of land somewhere outside of the city ... I want a Goat .. probably two.
They are just so awesome .. plus the crafty side of me wants to make soap and lotions .. luxury!
I just bought this one along with his dear print ... SWEEET these are awesome!

Jan 22, 2008

5 more months 'till summer ..sigh

So it's no surprise that I'm going through a SERIOUS case of SAD. It is impossible to drag myself out of bed everyday, but things can only get better right? One thing that keeps me going is thinking about all the great things you get to wear in the summer. Right now I am wearing a sweater with hanger doinks on the shoulders that I will most likely obsess about all day and the frumpy lady that sits near me will point out in front of everyone. The other day she mentioned how I looked like a pumpkin. What? So October now has a hold on orange and black ... ok maybe it does, but why can't I wear it in January? Maybe I'll wear red and green in April.
Another thing that's rather frustrating about winter clothes is that you are so bundled up, great accessories like necklaces, cuffs, and bracelets just sit on the shelf waiting to be worn again. Here are a few to nab up before they are all gone and you are left with no new accessories come summer time ...