Jul 29, 2009

i'm going to keep posting Fanfarlo videos until you all go out and buy the CD!
i am fixated with them right now

Jul 13, 2009

TV dinners looking lovely tonight

A lot of these items are no longer available .... drag!
But it makes me want to scour the antique stores for my own set of TV Trays
from Umbra

finally ... this one is in stock ... cute

I've been forgoing blogging in favor of:

1. Going to the beach.
We've [me and the dogs] have been going to the beach every chance we get.
Saturday morning we took in the rowing regatta, very cool!
With over five miles of beach on Park Point ... everyone can get a great spot alone or be by the cool cats to see and be seen.

2. Watching Summer time TV [at night only of course ... too beautiful to be in doors]
Addicted to: So You Think You Can Dance and The Bachelorette

Oh I so think I can dance and if Kiptyn doesn't win her over in the end, I'll be on the next plane to San Diego to nurse his broken heart. [that's right ... someone has a Kiptyn blog.]

3. Working ... yick. Work has been nutzpantz though.

4. Visiting with my friends and family.

5. Walking and Hiking ... I recently ran to fast on a hike ... I should have been walking.
6. Playing dominos when friends are near!

pic from Scuddrunner25

7. Reading Dooce - her new kid is so cute it's even making my baby hormones rage and I'm not a kid person

8. Not that I'm spending ages online but I'm also obsessed with seenon.com
How many times have you seen something in a movie or tv program and think - where did she get that fantastic pair of shoes?

9. And just being a lazy summer bum! It's been great, hope you are enjoying your summer!