Mar 31, 2009

It's getting close to that time of year again ... birds do it ... bees do it ... even some bears do it ... that's right folks, it's Geek Prom time. Hailed as the best Nerd Fest in the Midwest, I'm proud to say it's right here in my back yard. [Well not in my back yard, that's just an expression - der.]

Check out the geeky nerdy goodness on Etsy.

OMG a bar of soap with math equations .. i dig it.

Mar 30, 2009

Great recycle idea .... or should I say rad idea

Seven Ply is an Etsy shop recycling broken skateboard decks into lots of lovely items. Brilliant I say ... brilliant. Now if only someone can come along and create goodies from recycled magic erasers. I feel like I go through those things way to fast to have a decent carbon footprint.
And the blog of course :

Mar 26, 2009

After moving away from the city I have to say I really do miss Urban Outfitters. Check out these great things they have right now.

To rich for my blood

I've been devising a place in my apartment to display some great white porcelain spring type animals [I have yet to buy]. While searching I found these wonderfully lovely gems at Rose and Radish's online shop.
They're not friendly on the thrifty gals wallet .... sigh

Mar 20, 2009


Will blog my pants off this weekend.
Hope no one at the coffee shop minds.

Mar 11, 2009

My Horror Scope makes me just as happy as a clam today.

Daily Extended: March 11, 2009
May 21-June 21
Exciting things are in store for you today, especially in terms of romance! You are finally in a place where you are ready to share more of yourself with someone else -- so start looking around for a good candidate if you don't have anyone in mind already. And if you are currently involved with someone, let your partner know how much you value them in your life. Get them a little gift or write a few honest words that say what you feel. Your heart is growing bigger and stronger.
On that note ... let's talk about monsters cause they make me happy as a clam too.

Mar 4, 2009

The Velvet Teen ... and some velveteen

Ladies and Gentleman ... The Velvet Teen
A don't-you-dare-miss-this band that's been near and dear to my heart for years.
I remember seeing them play in a friends basement 6 years ago

Mar 3, 2009

The Bachelor Last Night - WTF?!?!

This blog post is for the stupid jerk Jason on the Bachelor for dumping sweet Melissa on national TV. You may have made us love you for weeks and weeks, but you killed that in just ten minutes. Kudos for being America's biggest jerk today!