Jun 30, 2009

Jun 17, 2009

best girly pop song of the moment [IMO]

I love it when random things inspire me. Today it was a band name ... the best band name ever!
The Foxymorons
And you know what? thier pop stylings are not half bad either.

Some foxy picks from Etsy
lovin' this pillow!

wake Tammy up tunes

Jun 15, 2009

DaWanda? I wanda...

Just a smattering of the cute things sold at DaWanda!

Jun 11, 2009

Leah Giberson

I happened upon these pieces today while cruising Etsy.
I am mesmerized by them.
I keep waiting for someone to sit down on the deck with a beer, some kid to do a cannon ball in the pool, for laughing children to sail down the slide and crash into the sand.

It's amazing to me how these simple pieces have so much life. They tell a story of what's happening just out of view. I love 'em!

Check out more pieces at Leah Giberson's Etsy shop or visit her website at ww.leahgiberson.com

Jun 10, 2009

Park Point Rummage Sale

Oh joy! I will be in town for the rummage event of the season -- the Park Point Rummage Sale. Those of you not in the area will ache with jealousy!
It is just about five miles of garage sales all trapped on picturesque Park Point. They'll even have mini donuts. yum!
Last year I made the mistake of bringing the dogs ... not this year [sorry boys]
I'll hopefully post with all of my finds after Saturday!
in the mean time I should get my juices flowing with a Vintage Etsy post.

Jun 8, 2009

Wonderful images from Etsy seller Naoko - visit the shop at naokosstoop
See even more at BrownPaperBag Collection

Jun 4, 2009


This picture grabbed my attentions while scrolling through Design*Sponge's before & after section [I love that section by the way - so much talent and vision!]. This is the after of Amy Shutt's home. [by the way she sells Charley Harper in her Day Lab shop ... weeeeee]

This pictuer caught my attention because like most of us - I love collections. The vintage deer items are so lovely! I always kinda wanted to collect vintage planters.

My links got a little wacked on this post - you can find all of these gems at Etsy - Vintage section. Just search planter.

Jun 3, 2009

These are creepy + cool + and totally up my alley!

From the Grand Ole Bestiary Etsy Shop!

Jun 2, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post - I painted an old bookcase a tropical blue color this weekend.
I love having new pieces in my house ... I just look at it and smile.
I am slowly basing all of my living room design on these two Beach Boys album covers.
Here's more fun buys to make that happen ... I'm sensing a beach theme these past few weeks.
I can't help it ... I have so.cal in my heart but live in the tundra of no.minn

I'm adding this top because I think it's uber cute and I want to figure out how to make it.