Mar 31, 2008

2nd Vintage Etsy Pick of the Day

Vintage Etsy Pick of the Day

dig art

the child in me loves this ... wouldn't this be great in a play room. not that this set of three prints should be put in a bathroom, but I sure think they would make a toilet seem elegant. I've been thinking about going with these colors in my bathroom...hhhmm

Mar 27, 2008

Mar 26, 2008

my new couch arrived Friday

It's here and it's HUGE. Not realizing its girth in the store because hey ... the store isn't 14' by 14' right? Anyhow since it's arrival last week I've replaced the old beat up trunk with a faux leather one from Target [i heart target]. It's perfect because this one was hurting our feet when we kicked back. Now I am looking into replacing the rug with a nice white/off white shag rug. I know that's a big gamble with two dogs who love to play in the dirt and sand, but hey I can't sacrifice all style because I'm a dog lover! Now that I am the proud owner of an overstuffed extremely comfy couch ... I wish I had some interior design help trying to find a proper chair to accent it. I'm thinking I don't want anything large like the couch. But it can't be too small because the couch will dwarf it. Any thoughts would be superb!

Vintage Etsy Pick of the Day

napkins and napkin accessories

Mar 21, 2008

The Office

I am a bit of an Office ... FREAK. We own the three seasons on DVD and are just shakin' in our boots waiting for it to come back. Here is some spectacular work from artist and Office fan El Lohse. LOVE IT. She's got many other wonderful works of art in her Etsy shop as well. I'm a big fan! I'll most likely by the Jim print to hang at my desk so he'll stare at me. I have a crush on that Jim Halpert. One of my favorite episodes is when Jim comes into work dressed and acting like Dwight. Hee hee I saw Rainn Wilson [Dwight] perform at the original Guthrie Theater in The Importance of Being Earnest. He was very handsome and I kinda had a crush on him. Now I crush on Jim!

She even has an Ode to Eames print... she's so talented!