Aug 21, 2008

took the test

After reading through one of my very favorite blogs - - I saw a post about this test, that helps you find your style. I don't generally believe in these kinds of things but I like looking at pretty pictures and of course seeing what they have to say about me. Below is an image of an idea living room for me ... woowwee yooowwwee I love it. I hope the sheepskin on the chairs are faux [most likely not] but I love everything about this room. It's natural but not drab boring sage green natural. There are natural fibers and colors and it looks lived in. There are a few items I'd change [rug color, couch and chair color - maybe not have the funky green thing on the coffee table] and I'd add a more west coast beach feel, but there are elements here that do really reflect what makes me feel comfortable. I do love the different colors in furniture choices, the exposed wood beam, the worn in floors, and the fire place is the cherry on top!

What they had down for what I'd like in a bedroom was sooooooooooo off. I mean gag me kind of off. Oh well.

I did love the option for a home office. This was very nice [wish it had a bit more color], but again I love the natural feel and flow to it. Can't you just feel the warm beach breeze blowing through here?
Take the test HERE

I just realized

I use drool wwwaaayyy too much in this blog.
I think I'll session some of these synonyms:
ache, covet, hanker, long, pant, pine, want, wish, yearn

My fave local company doing good and looking GREAT!

From skateboard part to ....... Fabulous FurnitureThe most drool worthy company in Duluth [in my humble opinion] is Loll Designs. This local company is doing good ... also helping us do good and look GREAT. Now if only I could figure out if they are hiring ... um if you're listening job gods, I have 10 years of marketing experience and would drop this job in two seconds flat if the Loll family came calling for me. Just so you know.

Read Loll's Story [as told on their website] then get out to a local retailer near you and start sitting pretty!
Loll story
With every piece of Loll furniture you can be sure you are purchasing dependable, high longevity materials and precise assembly. Why? Because Loll outdoor furniture uses the same quality materials and fabrication techniques as TrueRide Inc. TrueRide is a respected skatepark contractor that designs and constructs custom outdoor and indoor skateparks world wide. TrueRide selected durable materials specifically to be thrashed by skaters and the elements alike, and not break-down. What makes sense for skateparks makes sense for outdoor furniture. Loll designs was conceptualized to efficiently employ TrueRide’s resources and to create distinctive furniture with these unique materials.With Loll furniture you can lollygag as hard as you like, make it to work the next day, and come home to do it all over again. It’s outdoor living with impunity; all the relaxation with none of the work associated with seasonal storage or maintenance. For more information on TrueRide see

Aug 20, 2008

get out the loop!

It's been a while since I've embroidered I hate to say. BUT then ... these new patterns [some new some not as new] really got the floss flowing in my blood. I just picked a few of these up from Sublime Stitching and I can't wait to come up with ideas on how to use them ... curtains, fun fall cardigans ... knee high socks ... some mittens my sister will make ... little purses for me and my friends.

Aug 18, 2008

My new purchase from Etsy

My new purchase from Etsy came this weekend! Isn't it great?
Check out more vintage goods at Eye For Modern's Etsy Shop!

Aug 14, 2008

Aug 11, 2008

drool worthy upcycled items

GetReadySetGo - a travelers DREAM!


OH MY I wish I had a garden!! - one of a kind gnome doors

pub + dim lit little kitchen could = gem!

Do you ever feel like only wonderful things can happen when you're in an Irish Pub?
There's one in every city ... even in my neck of the woods up here in swede country.

So that leads me to ....
I've been thinking about the design dilemma my sister is facing in her new apartment.
Then I had an ah-ha moment earlier today. I thought about an Irish pub. OK I've got to take a few steps backward. The design dilemma is the teeny tiny kitchen with little to no natural light. Off of her kitchen is the back stairs which currently house the recycling and overflow storage. [in the future maybe this could be a great place to put a little bar and some stools ... just a thought] The kitchen is a bit haphazard given that one half of the kitchen has been upgraded with new cabinets and sink. The other half is old with 10 million layers of paint and doors that stick or don't close at all. We've all been there. I have that in my kitchen right now. The doors pop open like there's a little ghost trying to get out. So how did I come to Irish pub when I think of this little design issue? [I didn't want to use dilemma too much in one blog post.] My sister has an affinity for the Irish culture. She loves the music, eclectic jewelry, movies ... and of course pub life and all it has to offer. Given her choice she'd go to an Irish pub over any other establishment out there. And most recently she has moved to the very Irish St. Paul, Minnesota.
This is of course a work in progress in my head ... as I am still working it out. The other day my sister was talking about how she'd like to paint a chalkboard on her kitchen wall and create a faux framed look. That got me thinking about other things often found in an Irish pub. Sometimes I like to take something and run with it ... you're reading that thought process right now. It seems odd to take a teeny kitchen then load it up with dark pub style accessories ... and it is because it seems odd that to me it makes perfect sense. I'm part of the ... if it seems weird just go with it and you'll most likely be pleasantly surprised ... camp.
Now the next step will be how to pose this idea to my sister and how to follow through [if she's interested] in a tasteful manor. We've all seen the basement pubs at our friends house that have gone horribly wrong haven't we?

This rug is dreamy .... I'm drooling over it right now.