May 29, 2008

Crafty video break time

In case you don't know how to use Etsy ... check out this cute video

Other great videos about Etsy staffers and artists ... enjoy

Another fine pick from OliveVintage. I go back and I go back again.

May 27, 2008

I love TEA

I used to drink tea half of the time and coffee the other half.
Recently in a quest to get healthy [which includes more fruit, veggies and no meat] I have dropped coffee from my diet except as a weekend treat everynow and then. Now I am 99% tea and I love it.
The choices are endless ... the benefits are endless ... the fun styles and accessories are endless.

Some tea and tea inspired products from Etsy ::::::::

May 19, 2008

Drive safe

This post is for my friend who got in a motorcycle accident this weekend. He suffered a broken arm, was air lifted to a hospital ... and worried my sister and I half to death when he never showed up in town like he was supposed to. Big sigh that he is home safe now!

May 14, 2008

Vintage Etsy Pick of the Day

From Ladies and Gentlemen vintage shop
As always .. they blog

crafty eye candy - videos & music edition

Posting this one 'cause he's playing a Jaymar. I had this piano when I was 3 .. still have it!

I'm a sucker for Jenna Fischer [pam & jim forever!]

May 8, 2008

Vintage Etsy Pick of the Day - SK8

I love that anything can be displayed and appreciated like art. Today's vintage pick is from MightyGoods Etsy shop and is this wonderful vintage skate. Melissa and Maggie of MightyGoods have taken such wonderful photos of the skate they them selves could be sold as art. If you're reading this Mighty Ms ... I get 10% =] Great job!

Check out MightyGoods shopping weblog .. Oh boy I'm never going to get my work done!

Moving makes you poor

Moving makes you poor even if it's within the same structure. Yes I'm only moving upstairs... but it's still hard and I have the bruises and sore calf muscles to prove it. Also moving into a bigger place we begin to realize what we don't have ... and I have to say that I did want to pamper myself so I spent a little extra on some Aveda hair products and good smelling soaps. I've never had a bathroom with a claw foot tub before. It's super duper posh. There is also a window where when I shower in the morning I can see Lake Superior and Duluth's picturesque Ariel Lift Bridge. The yummy smelling Aveda products and soap just make the experience Divine!.. Sigh. I wish I were there now.

That being said I have not money left to decorate ... but what I do have is lots of fabric.

So I'm searching the internet and all of my favorite design blogs to find some wonderful DIY fabric projects. I know I can stretch the fabric to make sweet wall art as seen at the blog How About Orange. [a new blog to me but will be in my regular rotation now, yeah!]

I love how the art matches the pillows. Nice detail!

Here's Real Simple's DIY idea as well Another idea is framing fabric which you see on HGTV all of the time.

This is a great piece of fabric framed in a wonderful thrift store find!

Woman's Day Magazine also has a great article on Framed Fabric Remnants

Etsy is also a great way to dig up ideas ... although I'm more for supporting Etsy artists, but sometimes times are tough and their great project could be a stepping stone idea for something similar with your unused fabric.

This one from Art e Bella

This hoop-dee-do from Little Pretty Studio

A website called has two uber long exhaustingly fun list of project ideas for fabric scraps. Make sure you clear some time in your day because after reading the list and links they've compiled, you'll be running for your scrap box.

I'm totally going to run home and tackle this project ... ok maybe more like this weekend.
But it's still a great idea from ModHomeEcTeacher over at