Aug 17, 2009

This website: is chocked full with all sorts of goodies to chose from ... like this awesome United Air Lines print

Aug 12, 2009

Iowa auction gem

I'll be heading south [for me] to my grandpa's farm auction this weekend. He's getting rid of a lot of rusty things - most of which I don't even know what they are. But this gem ... well it's pretty darn obvious what this is.
Wonder if it still runs.
Wonder if I can get a sidecar for it.

he's also auctioning off his 1960 Chevy Impala - that is one cherry auto

Aug 10, 2009

Aug 4, 2009

These beautiful items come from Etsy seller Lirola
She's sold 303 items to date since opening her Etsy shop last October ... that's got to say something for her items.
Be sure to check them out!

Etsy T-Shirt Roundup

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