Sep 18, 2008


When it comes to seeing something pleasing to the eye, sometimes I get a simulatious punch in the gut. That's what happens when I happen upon any item by ibride at the many online shops I frequent. You can find their dark whimsical animal trays and other goods at online shops like Velocity or Elsewares. I have long desired an ibride piece ... but thought I've never visited their website before. So today I happened over to, and I got the same so-awesome-i-feel-like-i-just-got-punched-in-the-gut feeling I get everytime I see one of their items.
I am moved at how beautiful each piece is. It's full. That's how I feel ... like the piece is full complete and simply wonderful. Here are some shots from their website and a beautiful table that can be purchased at Velocity.

Sep 3, 2008

I'm soooo glad the little gift shop in the building I work in sells these. In my office our desks are separated by these steel type partition's .. very modern of them, but how am I supposed to 'tack' things to them ... oh of course! with these delightful magnets from BoyGirlParty. I love them and just stare at them all day because they are so wonderful and dreamy. Thanks for sellin' them in my neighborhood.

Sep 2, 2008

Not a very crafty post but ... I had a dream about The Office last night so you can bet I'm running to Best Buy to pick up this gem today! It's out today every one ... the season where Jim and Pam become JAM! I'm gitty with excitement ... 2 hrs until the end of the day and it's Office marathon time!

graphic political goodness

Graphically this poster kicks total elephant ass!

Read more about the little minnesota event that could on Barack Obama's website ... yep it made it there.