Nov 29, 2007

to..much....awsome art ... artists .. head ... hurts ....

Here's what he say's about himself :: Outgoing boy with hermit intentions and laffy regretions. I make things and do things and say things and play things... and if I do not, I will die. But if I die, I will be a fun (funny) ghost. I enjoy long walks on the Sagittarius and I am a beach. I have a love filled heart. I have all sorts of things I'd like to sell, because I think it would be fun.

new to me artist ... again

As usual I was scouring the sites I've come to love for my daily post and tripped on this Etsy store:

wouldn't this be the cutest in the kitchen or dine area

under my umbrella ella ella

Nov 27, 2007

i bought this yesterday

i should be saving my moneys for holiday gifts but i can't help it.
this will go great in my art kitchen

Nov 21, 2007

just super awesome cute calendar

From a great creative online shop Little Otsu

penny for your thoughts ...

These all deserve a place on our bedsite table, or tucked away in our satchel, or maybe by the john, or your personal drawer at work, or at your boyfriends house, or in a stocking this holiday