Apr 30, 2009

26 Olive Street

From the vintage roundup post I found a new vintage shop to fall in love with.
The fact that they post in polaroids is just great.
Etsy Shop: 26olivestreet

vintage etsy roundup

Apr 21, 2009

youtube candy

My favorite YouTube channel to go back to again and again is http://www.youtube.com/user/SongsToFly

I love the videos put to oh so lovely songs.
There is a blog too that will take you away from what ever you are doing for hours and hours - myflyaway.blogspot.com

Apr 14, 2009

Apr 13, 2009

diggin' me some Air Traffic ....

I read this today ... good words to live by:

"When my feelings are hurt, I expect an apology. Instead, I should probably offer one.
Unless my feelings define what’s right, I’m as likely to be in the wrong by being offended as I am by offending."

a crafty coldplay video

Apr 9, 2009

i have a serious drinking problem

NO no no that's not what I mean.
I break glasses ... of all kinds!
Juice glasses, pint glasses, tumblers, wine glasses.
I'm beginning to think I've been cursed.
Anyway my glass collection is in a sad state.... here a some good additions or alternatives.

I'd be heart broken if I broke these - vintage tumblers from Etsy seller PinkRawk
These summer tumblers are so Golden Girls that I kind of love them.
Target - $16.99 for four ... hey that's how many Golden Girls there were.
This 8 pc. tumbler set from Target is mighty fancy ... and acrylic. I kind of like the flare. $21.99 for 8
Yeah for plastic! $1.99 FOR 6 cups! - at Ikea.
I can't break them, they bright and 'perty, and they're cheap. Looks like I found some great outdoor summer glasses.
These are from Target - A virtual rainbow of handy-dandy melamine beverage tumblers for $25. Sweet.
These little juice glasses [which make great wine glasses too] are only $1.99 at Cost Plus World Market. aaawwwwweeee they're so cute and would hold my pinot grigo just fine.Glassblower and Etsy salesman NickPaul has these awesome tumblers that were once beer bottles. I have an allergy to beer ... with these I can at least fit in with the BBQ in crowd!

Apr 8, 2009

I always kinda wanted to be in the F.B.I.

Apr 3, 2009

Andrea Cobb

Happened upon this artist while flipping through the latest issue of Communication Arts.
Feast your eyes on her illustration goodness.

I love her vision.
Get a better look at her work by visiting her website: Andrea Cobb