Oct 8, 2008

My favorite time of the year

I am so busy at work and I'm afraid October will fly by as fast as September did. It's my favorite time of the year. I love everything spooky, eerie, strange, supernatural, undead, ghostly. I'm not just a fan of kooky Halloween decorations ... I love to be scared in haunted houses and watch classic horror films [Rob Zombie can keep his gore]. I really feel like it's a time when people are at their most creative. Decorating their yard, carving large vegetables, and planning up an ironic, silly, or scary costume. Last year my BF and I went as Natalie Wood and James Dean .... dead. This year I'm thinking of going as David Caruso in CSI:Miami. Just so I can whip my sunglasses off all night and rattle off terribly inappropriate cliches.

But I don't want to get off subject here... halloween!
All time greatest scary movie and you never even see the thing that's scaring you.

I also heart Zombies but not because I think they're scary but kind of funny.

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