Oct 17, 2008

I'm having a Matt Pond PA sort of day


The day after my five year anniversary my boyfriend decided he didn't love me anymore. This is the reason I have not blogged much.

This Saturday marks five years that my BF and I have been able to stand each other. [wink]
Matt Pond PA has always been sort of the soundtrack of our years. We have other meaningful songs ... in fact 'Say Something' by James is truly "our song". But Matt Pond PA has been what we've really listened to for all occasions. Every song has a soundtrack feel. As a musician ... I hope they take that as a compliment because I'd love to write a song that would be the backdrop of some important scene in a movie or even just the tune that plays as the lead character walks from the diner to the local motel some early fall evening.

The Matt Pond PA sound to me is very North East... Adirondack chairs, weekend trips upstate, evergreen trees, crunchy leaves under foot, not letting a day go buy without catching site of some wildlife. So I'm making the Cap'n a mix tape from the LPs we own of my 19 or 20 favorite Matt Pond PA songs. Here are some videos I found on Youtube ... but some of my favorite tunes haven't made it onto Youtube fame, but give it a chance ... someone will use Bring on the Ending to properly play out the love between their favorite teen drama couple, just give it time.

Etsy seller QuietCity has a host of sweet post card collages incorporating lyrics from Matt Pond PA, be sure to check 'em out.
As all good crafters do, she blogs too: quietcity207.blogspot.com

oohh a rare video of the Matt Pond crew covering The Stokes. Gem

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