Aug 21, 2008

took the test

After reading through one of my very favorite blogs - - I saw a post about this test, that helps you find your style. I don't generally believe in these kinds of things but I like looking at pretty pictures and of course seeing what they have to say about me. Below is an image of an idea living room for me ... woowwee yooowwwee I love it. I hope the sheepskin on the chairs are faux [most likely not] but I love everything about this room. It's natural but not drab boring sage green natural. There are natural fibers and colors and it looks lived in. There are a few items I'd change [rug color, couch and chair color - maybe not have the funky green thing on the coffee table] and I'd add a more west coast beach feel, but there are elements here that do really reflect what makes me feel comfortable. I do love the different colors in furniture choices, the exposed wood beam, the worn in floors, and the fire place is the cherry on top!

What they had down for what I'd like in a bedroom was sooooooooooo off. I mean gag me kind of off. Oh well.

I did love the option for a home office. This was very nice [wish it had a bit more color], but again I love the natural feel and flow to it. Can't you just feel the warm beach breeze blowing through here?
Take the test HERE

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