Aug 21, 2008

My fave local company doing good and looking GREAT!

From skateboard part to ....... Fabulous FurnitureThe most drool worthy company in Duluth [in my humble opinion] is Loll Designs. This local company is doing good ... also helping us do good and look GREAT. Now if only I could figure out if they are hiring ... um if you're listening job gods, I have 10 years of marketing experience and would drop this job in two seconds flat if the Loll family came calling for me. Just so you know.

Read Loll's Story [as told on their website] then get out to a local retailer near you and start sitting pretty!
Loll story
With every piece of Loll furniture you can be sure you are purchasing dependable, high longevity materials and precise assembly. Why? Because Loll outdoor furniture uses the same quality materials and fabrication techniques as TrueRide Inc. TrueRide is a respected skatepark contractor that designs and constructs custom outdoor and indoor skateparks world wide. TrueRide selected durable materials specifically to be thrashed by skaters and the elements alike, and not break-down. What makes sense for skateparks makes sense for outdoor furniture. Loll designs was conceptualized to efficiently employ TrueRide’s resources and to create distinctive furniture with these unique materials.With Loll furniture you can lollygag as hard as you like, make it to work the next day, and come home to do it all over again. It’s outdoor living with impunity; all the relaxation with none of the work associated with seasonal storage or maintenance. For more information on TrueRide see

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