Jul 8, 2008

I'm back

*warning . this is a dull blog post. I'm so busy at work, my crafty brain and eye are still on vacation*
From a week off of work, the computer, the TV [only because digital channels keep going out by my house ... digital is better my ASS!] and anyhow, I'm ready to update this blog.
I've been sitting on the couch a lot [that is when I'm not outside enjoying the perfect weather!] and I'm just getting annoyed by the darkness of the fabrin on the accompanying chair. It's a hand-me-down so I can't complain and it's also a lazy boy so recovering it is out of the question.
I know I've lamented about this time and time again, but it's like a sliver I can't get out.
What to do with a big over stuffed lazy boy that's rusty-red, navy blue, and dark tan plaid? This chair would look great in a cabin and I'd love to live in a cabin but I don't. I live in an all white painted apartment. sigh
I know what I need to do is add accent pillows in a different fabric. maybe cruves to off set the stark plaid stripes. Also pillows would lighten up the couch. oh boy listen to me.
Anyway I'm just going to show some picture of inspiring rooms [from Cottage Living and Coastal Living] and maybe something will come to me. Cheers

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