Jul 28, 2008

Great album covers I need to get framed

I love looking at old albums at record shops, antique stores, rumage sales, thrift stores ... what have you. There are so many wonderful images not to mention the music. But sometimes you find an artful album cover that captures a wonderful spirit, when maybe you've never even heard of the artist or the tunes. Recently I picked up Debussy's Claire De Lune only becuase of the wonderful album cover capturing an evening scene. [KLM, don't forget about the albums]. The album covers here are more about the artists for me, starting with Dolly Parton. Every gal should have a Dolly Parton album, her strength can carry us all through tough times!

You can surely see a theme with the Beach Boys. I just can't get enough of classic surfing right now. that'll change when the leaves change ... but I kind of hope it doesn't.

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