May 6, 2008

Great music suggestion ....

When I used to live in the Twin Cities I love to listen to the am station KLBB Radio. It played a variety of hits from Rosemarry Clooney, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Dusty Springfield, as well as Michael Buble. Wonderful music 24/7. Well folks I'm here to tell you ... you can stream this baby live during the day [as most AM stations go off the air after the sun goes down] just by clicking here. I urge you all whether you're at a computer all day working [like I am], maybe getting ready to cook some din din, settling in for a day of crafting or just finishing off a crossword puzzle. Click on this and let the lovely music stream from you computer speakers. It will put you in the wonderfulist of moods. If the link doesn't work, just click on listen live on their front page.

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