May 1, 2008

First time art buying ... kurt halsey style

I used to live in Uptown, MN .. the place you live in Minneapolis .. in your 20's .. in 1998. Also at the time I lived a few blocks away from a very talented artist named Kurt Halsey .. whom I didn't even know lived down the street until I ordered my first set of prints from him from his website. He sent the prints .. with a lovely note .. and an even awesomer cool of all cool one of a kind sketch on notebook paper. I couldn't tell what I treasured more. Since then I've purchased more prints, buttons, t-shirts and so forth. And he's also taken the world by storm now selling his designs to Urban Outfitters and Sublime Stitching where they've created a popular pattern design just so lovely. Now I sit back and watch his success ... HOPING it hasn't all gone to his head. I still have his pieces on my wall now surrounded by other artists I've fallen in love with, but he will remain one of the first artists I began to follow and supported. Below are some of the prints I own, each has a special meaning to me. Please visit his website ... and if you are so lucky to live in a town where he has a show ... go see his show. I promise you'll be touched by at least one if not a number of wonderful thoughtful pieces.

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