Apr 9, 2008

Well we are moving in a few months to a bigger apartment which means I've been daydreaming about where my furniture will go and what will go in it. Right now I have this tall piece of furniture "acting" like our entertainment set up. It was not meant for that and our TV looks like it might teeter right out of it. I the new place I can use if for what I want .. maybe not it's true purpose .. but for what I WANT. It has a large space for two adjustable shelves and three thin drawers at the bottom that perfectly house our CDs so that won't change. I doodled up this idea that I wanted to get down to show ideas. I want it to now be in my craft den as a rotating display for wonder finds and Etsy buys as well as storage for desing books, photos and other odds and ends. Looking at the photo it looks like I skipped the number 3. I don't know why. I don' t have any issues with 3. hhhmm curious.5. Finally a place to put my craft and design books.
4. a collection of items from Etsy shops, also hope to pick up some great items from local antique shops as well as display items I've had in storage for ever!
1. Lamps .. light .. sweet
2. Set of photo boxes from organize.com for top shelf storag

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