Apr 23, 2008

a little inspiration ...

This morning I was wondering ... why do I have such a hard time doing the things that I know bring me happiness, joy, satisfaction? I love to run and know how super duper great I feel when and after a good run, but I just can't seem to get started this season. I love to sew, paint, embroider and also know how happy and satisfied it makes me feel [although I admit I feel frustrated too some times] and yet I haven't dusted off my craft supplies in about a month. It's not for a lack of time. Unless TV and wine are THAT time consuming. It's not that the weather is wonderful and I'm spending all of my time out doors. Today though is the nicest day we've seen in and long time [and are going to see] for another week or so. Sooooo maybe I won't pick up the crafting again and opt for a run on the beach. What I meant to post all of this about was a project I stumbled upon thanks to Purl Bee! This site is chocked FULL of inspirational projects to get any old lazy bones back in the saddle. Thanks PB!

Wonderful embroidered button covers. Click the image to be taken to the Purl Bee project journal. Can't wait for that one button to fall off my cardigan. They'll all be replaced with these!

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