Apr 29, 2008

french blue... a lovely hue

So I think I've decided on a color option for the new apartment. French Blue ... oh la la
I got a bunch of blue tiles from FLOR before the couch came then realized when it showed up that I was going for the wrong kind of cool blue. After living with it for a while I'm still interested in blue, but maybe a warmer blue. My couch is a warm medium brown color that reminds me of grassy fields and my dogs poo on a bad day [hee hee]. Anyhow I found these wonderful pics from Flicker that represent the range of French Blue and how great it looks with other colors. We all know it looks good with red, which happens to be the current accents we have lounging on the couch. I can't wait to get a few paint swatches ... ooohh and sample paints to slap on the walls. That is when I get the go ahead to move into my new place

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