Mar 13, 2008

This post is for my no-named little sweety

Does she look familiar to you?

Last night was an interesting night as we became dog sitters to a little run-away with out a collar. She was found running on a very busy road here in town. She looks like she must be a house dog as she was very clean and well fed. She was also so well behaved like a little darling. She's still at my neighbors house as they search for her home. I hope she finds it soooooon. I know her mom and dad must be fretting like crazy. Anyhow, this post is for her. Make sure your dog or cat or pig or what have you, has a readable tag for people to read. It's wonderful when pets are micro chipped, but that does not mean they shouldn't have a tag as well. It's much easier for those of us that pick up run-aways to just call the number on the tag, rather than find an open vet who would be able to scan for a chip. Etsy has made it very easy to get wonderful, custom, fun ID tags for your pet. Or you can go the traditional way, which I do because I'm lazy ... I know I need to get cool tags for my dogs ... and click here for easy custom tag orders

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