Mar 20, 2008

Something from the kitchen

So in an effort ot make a dirty apartment kitchen more livable ... I've been transforming the space month by month [I'm slow when it comes to updating. I just hate painting but love the outcome]. I have three more pieces of art on this wall not shown from Creative Thursday artist Marisa Haedike, hanging around the thrift store shelf I found. Most recently I sewed a sink curtain to hide the trash can beneath it with this great white eye-let fabric my sister gave me. Perfect final touch to this wall. It's been fun to see this space change because it is soooo different from our overstuffed... traditional colored living spaces.

Art in Kitchen includes:
This set from bella & boo - ART
These three from Creative Thursday - Pandas, Oliver, I am thinking of you
These two prints from Berkley Illustration - Billy Goat, Deer
I love these shops and many more [check out my Etsy faves to the left].
Berkley Illustration sent a card with my prints thanking me and telling me I was cooler than 10,000 Fonzies. I always kind of thought I was but it was nice to have it in writing.

Back to kitchen stuffs....
Anyhow, I was pouring through Martha Stewart's website [since Blueprint *is gone ... sniff] getting inspired and jones'in to go home and fix up my home, when I came across the picture below [the yellow kitchen]. I thought HEY ... I must be on the right track.

my kitchen not my kitchen ... =]

* I do check out the Bluelines blog as much as possible
Now I have these two gems that I Etsy'ed and I need to find a place for them ... hhhhhmmmm

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