Mar 4, 2008

little gems for the home

It's always hard to define one's personal style. Mines come into question now that we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new couch. Color and fabric choices hinged on the fact that we have two golden retrievers who like to play a game we call "Splud". If you have big dogs ... you know what I mean. But the style was something we could play with. I have recently wanted to play up the cabin theme as we live only 150 miles from the Canadian border in northern Minnesota. It's a way of life up here and I love it! As for the better half, I find he's drawn to modern design. Funny ... I didn't know modern design incorporated leaving your underwear and socks all over the house! Just razzing ... So we compromized and got something I think will be great .. soft and cozy with a modern style. And given the store's current promotional offer we got two small lamps that are made of faux antlers. So I guess I could describe our home style as cozy moder cabin filled with new items and vintage items. Oh and I shouldn't forget to mention ... with a nautical twist. We do live by the largest fresh water lake in the world. Why so long a post about me .. well first it's my blog. But second, I found some wonderful home finds that I think encompass the mix bag that we call our home. by the way ... this company makes products from recycled sails.... brilliant!
Ibought these gems for our hodge podge kitchen

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