Mar 17, 2008

I know I've posted about my new awesome couch before ... "Hi awesome couch, I will take many awesome naps on you!" ... but I finally got the call that is in. It's coming this Friday. I can't wait the butterflies are bouncing around wondering what it will look like [we chose the light brown color not shown here based on a teeny tine fabric sample] and what I should buy to go with it. Pillows, blankets ... the choices are endless.

Now we have to tackle a new design problem. We have a small small apartment filled with large hand-me-down furniture in a dark stained wood. Oh and the drawer pulles are these super uncool 70's style dark beat up bronze. The furniture itself is in great condition but I'm afraid the hand-me-downer [my mom] will have a fit if I suggest painting them. She always suggests that the hand-me-down items come with a hitch. They can take them back when ever they want to. Although I know they would never ever take them back since they are so out of style and they have no room. They just don't want me selling them, giving them away or leaving them on the street. Sshheeesh mom, I won't. But painting them .... boy I'd like to!
Does anyone else know of any great ways to hide or down play ugly outdated furniture in a small teeny tiny apartment?

Great dresser makeover ideas:

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