Jan 16, 2008

sit on it

I was thinking about what would inspire me for a new post today. I traveled on over to Design*Sponge ... always a wealth of inspiration ... and there I saw it, a post on wonderful office chairs. They looked so comfortable and modern and stylish. Much better than the mushroom butt making chair I sit on everyday at work.
Anyhow, from there I headed on over to Etsy and typed in chair. Woowwee, there is so much wonderful stuff that comes up. There are chairs that cost well over $1K on there. Selling a chair for a grand on Etsy .. cool. Of course other wonderful artisans that were inspired by chairs. Take a look and don't forget to SIT ON IT! Didn't Potsy always say that on Happy Days? hhmm
Check out this cute time out chair ... I know some people who could use this
This would look great on a porch or sun deck ...
Cowhide .. not my first choice but very lovely! Wish it were FAUX though
A chair made out of a shopping cart .. BRILLIANT ..
I ADORE these so much ...
Great photo... I love the color

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