Jan 22, 2008

5 more months 'till summer ..sigh

So it's no surprise that I'm going through a SERIOUS case of SAD. It is impossible to drag myself out of bed everyday, but things can only get better right? One thing that keeps me going is thinking about all the great things you get to wear in the summer. Right now I am wearing a sweater with hanger doinks on the shoulders that I will most likely obsess about all day and the frumpy lady that sits near me will point out in front of everyone. The other day she mentioned how I looked like a pumpkin. What? So October now has a hold on orange and black ... ok maybe it does, but why can't I wear it in January? Maybe I'll wear red and green in April.
Another thing that's rather frustrating about winter clothes is that you are so bundled up, great accessories like necklaces, cuffs, and bracelets just sit on the shelf waiting to be worn again. Here are a few to nab up before they are all gone and you are left with no new accessories come summer time ...

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